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Our Approach to Speech Therapy – To Regain the Ability in the Realm of Therapy

At Empower Therapy, the best Speech Therapy Provider Hutto is designed and specialized in helping children increase and regain their communication abilities. So, why do you consider your child’s speech therapy at Empower Therapy in Hutto? It is because... Our Speech Therapy Center in Hutto is filled with love and care, creating the pathway for your child to learn the skills. Our Certified Speech Language Pathologists help your children to learn in the way they love.

Specialized Speech Therapy Services for Neurodivergent Child in Hutto

At our Speech Therapy Center in Hutto, we often hear that “Every ADHD Child Needs a Speech Language Evaluation!” It’s hard to imagine that 9 out of 10 neurodivergent children may have difficulties with some aspects of speech, language, or communication. The connection between ADHD and language, however, is not always common knowledge. This is why we say that every ADHD child needs a speech language evaluation.

Our Hutto Speech Therapy Center offers Speech Therapy Assessment Programs for neurodivergent children with better care. We believe that neurodivergent children are creative and insightful. Understanding them is a gift! We don't want to miss out on this!

Speech Therapy Services in Hutto

Speech Therapy Services in Hutto, Empower Therapy Highly Focused In

At Empower Therapy, our certified speech language pathologists provide advanced and proven speech language therapy programs, including Augmentative Alternative Communication (AAC), to improve the communication and overall functioning of the neurodivergent child.

Enhancing Communication

Neurodivergent children may experience challenges in expressing themselves effectively. This can lead to frustration and behavioral issues. Our Speech Therapy Services in Hutto provide them with the techniques and care to help them communicate their thoughts, needs, and emotions more clearly.

Improving Attention

At our Empower Speech Therapy Center in Hutto, we incorporate visual elements into communication through AAC to help capture and maintain the attention of neurodivergent children. Visual aids can be more engaging and stimulating, making it easier for the child to focus on the task at hand.

Supporting Language Development

Our approach to AAC interventions often includes various communication modalities, such as symbols, gestures, or sign language, which can complement and reinforce verbal language development. This multimodal approach can be particularly beneficial for children with ADHD, who may have diverse learning preferences.

Promoting Independence & Supporting Academic Performance

Our approach to Speech Therapy AAC can empower neurodivergent children to communicate more independently. AAC tools allow them to participate more actively in various settings, such as classrooms or social gatherings, without relying solely on spoken language.

Thinking About the Cost for Speech Therapy in Hutto? - We’re Accepting Insurance!

Our Speech Therapy Hutto Center always cares about your child's growth. So, initially, don't get distressed. You're in safe hands! At Empower Therapy, we believe that financial concerns shouldn't hinder access to quality speech therapy. That's why we ensure a seamless and affordable experience for your child's speech therapy journey by accepting all major insurances as below:

Speech Therapy Hutto

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Speech Therapy?

Speech therapy, in simple words, is a type of special help for people who have difficulty speaking, understanding, or communicating. A speech therapist, also called a speech-language pathologist, works with individuals to improve their ability to talk, pronounce words clearly, understand language, and express themselves better. They use fun activities and exercises to help people become more confident and successful in communicating with others.


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