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Empower Therapy

We work with people with unique abilities on the Autism Spectrum. We use intensive one-on-one education programs based on ABA Therapy’s scientific principles to develop life skills, communication skills, learning skills and social skills required for daily life and independence.
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Who We Are?

Empower Therapy aims to serve children with neurological differences. We help them develop the life skills and communication skills required for daily activities. We aid them in gaining their maximum independence.
We have been offering services in Texas for 10 years, with a dedicated team of experts passionate about making a difference.

Our Services

Applied Behavior Analysis

Offering structured and strategic intensive ABA programs to understand and implement a transformative journey for children with autism disorders.

Occupational Therapy

Function based approach to diagnosis and inclusive individual OT treatment plans for children to help them to be more independent in their daily activities.

Speech Therapy

Evident based diagnosis and comprehensive and therapeutic training sessions for children with speech, language, and communication disorders, with or without ASD.

Peer Social Groups

Thoughtful fun and reinforcing social activities programmed for children to encourage them to participate, interact, enjoy, and build relationships with peers and adults.


A safe and compassionate counseling sessions for individuals, couples, and families to explore, learn and adapt to life challenges and changes.

Life Coaching

Engaging activities and a compassionate environment to help children explore, learn, practice, and improve personal and social growth to achieve a purposeful life.

Featured Services

Peer Social Groups

Children of similar ages and backgrounds will interact through peer social group activities. This group activity will improve relationship skills like communicating, listening and emotional development.

One-On-One Training Sessions

After the assessment, one-on-one training sessions will be offered by Board Certified Behavior Analysts and Therapists.

Accredited By

Behavior Analyst Certification Board

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

American Occupational Therapy Association


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