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ABA Therapy

We Teach the Way They learn

Does your child face attention deficits, language delays, learning differences, or behavioral issues? Empower therapy can help you. We provide the best evidence-based Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy services to your child to dramatically improve their quality of life.

What Is Applied Behavior Analysis?

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy is a form of therapy that uses a combination of behavioral techniques, such as positive reinforcement or shaping, to improve the functional and social skills of neurodivergent children.

Our therapists utilize behavioral pattern therapies to reinforce the kids’ behavior and enhance their unique talents. This therapy aims to teach these children to interact with other people and become part of the society.

Is ABA Therapy Right For Us?

ABA behavioral therapy is suited for children from 18 months (about 1 and a half years) to 9 years. Empower Therapy enables neurodivergent children to meet specific needs efficiently and effectively without dependence. Our therapies are found to positively affect the student’s language and behavior skills needed for success at school.
Our ABA Therapy methods have an enduring effect on neurodivergent kid’s lives. Kids who overcome these issues can complete university degrees, get meaningful jobs, and live independently.
Early intervention Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy programs help children who have delays in developing speech, motor skills, and cognitive abilities.

How Does ABA Therapy Work?

ABA is a type of treatment that helps children with autism to develop and improve their social skills. It works by teaching the child how to communicate, play and interact socially in ways similar to other children of the same age. It is achieved through training exercises and activities that help them learn new behaviors. ABA Therapy aims to make neurodivergent kids acquire the skills needed to function within society.

ABA Helps Your Child To Acquire

Why Empower?

At Empower therapy, our mission is to provide the best evidence-based ABA therapy services to our clients and dramatically improve the quality of their lives. We use a combination of both Discrete Trial Training (DTT) and Natural Environment Teaching (NET). We also provide regular parent support services to help you achieve the goals that matter most to you. Our clients experience success with ongoing parent training, consistent access to quality therapy, and a collaborative therapeutic approach with Teachers, SLPs, PTs, and OTs.

ABA Therapy Session

Direct evaluation, record views, interviews and online assessments to understand the neurodivergent kid. This consultation helps to develop a customized therapy scheme for the child.
Plan Development
A comprehensive program is developed for the kids who need social skills, communication, and adaptive and behavioral skills
Plan Implementation

Comprehensive ABA Therapy requires 25- 40 hours per week. The therapy will address various needs of the child.


ABA Therapists try to uncover the underlying causes of the child's behavior. Improvements and Assessments of the child's progress are charted and shared with the parents and caregivers.

Impact Assessment
As long as your child continues treatment, their therapist will continue to monitor their progress and analyze which strategies are working and where your child may benefit from different treatment methods.
I am not trying to change people. All I want to do is change the world in which they live.” – B.F Skinner.

Intensive Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy For Autism And Related Disorders

We are systematically applying behavioral science principles to improve socially significant social behaviors.

The Main Goals Of The ABA Therapy Are:

Remediating deficit behaviors in communication, socialization, self-care and self-behavior
Reducing challenging behaviors like aggression, self-injury, and destruction.

Individualized Treatment Plans Tailor-Made For The Needs Of Your Child

ABA Therapy is a data-driven process. Our Behavior Analyst will develop the ‘individualized-treatment plan’ for the therapy, after assessing the behaviors. The BCBAs will monitor the treatment progress regularly, and the data collected will be used to revise the treatment plan.

Comprehensive Therapy Program

Our therapy plan covers multiple domains, including speech, social and self-care. For early age children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, intense training program with behavior analysis help develop positive behaviors.

Our Board-Certified Behavior Analyst will develop the treatment plan and supervise the Behavior Technician. All our BCBAs and RBTs (Registered Behavior Technician) have undergone special training to ensure children and young adults with neurological differences get the best possible treatment and support.

Why Diagnose Early?

For children with symptoms of ASD, diagnosing and starting the therapy at an early age is very much recommended. The earlier the treatment begins, the higher the chances of reducing harmful behavior development.

Insurance Coverage For ABA Services

If your child has Neurotypical disorders, your Texas private insurance plan must usually cover ABA therapy. If you live in Texas, Medicaid will soon cover the cost of ABA Therapy. We currently work with these health insurance companies:
Frequently Asked Questions
Yes, ABA can be effective for individuals diagnosed with ASD. Recent studies have confirmed that ABA therapy children improved more than those receiving just education. There were significant improvements in motor skills, sensory processing, visual attention span, anxiety, stress levels, and self-help skills.

2. How Long Before ABA Therapy Is Considered Successful?

It depends entirely on the neurodivergent kid. Some individuals show improvement right away, while others require additional time. However, many people show significant progress even after a few months, although some may need longer observation periods.

3. How do I Find ABA Services?

If you have questions about ABA, talk to your pediatrician. Find out if ABA would be a good fit for your child. The pediatrician can write a prescription. Similarly, determine whether your insurance covers ABA therapy and your benefits, and understand the cost involved. Wondering how to proceed? Leave the pressure to us; visit our Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy Center for more details.