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Understanding Occupational Therapy: Supporting Child Development

Occupational Therapy (OT) is a therapeutic treatment that addresses barriers children face to successfully engaging in their everyday occupations or activities of daily living. At Empower Therapy, the trained OTs use a combination of educational models, an understanding of neurodevelopmental growth, milestone paces, and the patterns of childhood diagnosis to provide skilled interventions for children in our care.

Our Round Rock occupational therapy department not only serves our ABA neurodivergent clients in their individual needs in traditional ADLs but also addresses instrumental activities of daily living like family roles, emotional regulation, socialization, and communication skills. These are offered not just to our ABA client but to the larger community on an outpatient basis via diagnoses like ADHD, ADD, emotional dysregulation, PANDAs, and many others.

What Is the Importance of Occupational Therapy?

Occupational therapists are skilled in helping children's necessary skills to function in society. They understand how sensory, communication, play, emotional regulation, socialization, and other developmental deficits affect an individual's capacity to create a rewarding life. They work to improve fine motor skills, build self-help strategies, and increase self-confidence, as parents of children of former OT clients will attest.

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How Do Empower Therapy’s Occupational Therapists Work?

Occupational Therapists (OTs) are trained professionals who craft individual plans for children to address noted needs along with parent concerns and with child input (when possible). These plans approved by a Physician are implemented in regular sessions where play, role-modeling, family education plans, and movement act as means for enacting change.

By using therapeutic techniques, occupational therapists enable individuals to overcome limitations, learn new skills, and/or regain lost skills with the goal of optimal independence for the child.

Why Empower Therapy?

Empower Therapy at Round Rock location hosts therapists who work extensively with neurodivergent children and a Director who currently provides Emotional Regulation OT services. Our unique methods of assessing, intervening, and continually including family during collaborative treatment make a significant difference in our services and successful outcomes. Our therapy sessions last from 30 minutes to 60 minutes based on the child's needs as determined in the evaluation and the structure of your insurance plans.

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Benefits of Occupational Therapy to ASD Kids

The following are the benefits of Occupational Therapy:

Independence with ADLs (dressing, bathroom, etc.)

Sensory Integration (tolerating noise, textures, lights, etc.)

Emotional Regulation (reduced tantrum, coping skills, etc.)

Academic Skills, Pre-Academic Work (reading, writing, etc.)

Executive Function (abstract concepts, others perspective, etc.)

Positive Self-Image, Confidence, Self-Esteem

Safety Awareness, Boundary and Limits Setting

Fine and Visual Motor movement (scanning, writing, etc.)

Gross Motor Movement (balance, proprioception, etc.)

Social and Play Skills (peer play, turn taking, sharing, reciprocal talk, etc.)

Role Confidence (accountability, knowing roles, etc.)

Insurance Coverage for OT Services

Occupational Therapy is covered by most healthcare insurance. Private insurance also covers OT. The Early Intervention Program contains Occupational Therapy, and children can receive OT until the age of three. All clients using insurance will need to have a doctor’s script submitted before evaluation can be scheduled requesting “evaluate and treat”. We currently work with these health insurance companies:

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Explore Some of Our Offerings to Shape Your Child’s Beautiful Future

Empower Therapy offers the following ASD services in Round Rock and its surrounding areas:

ABA Therapy

Unlocking potential, fostering growth, and transforming lives. Our evidence-based approach creates positive behavior change and empowers individuals to thrive. Empowering, inspiring, and lasting impact.

Speech Therapy

Expert guidance to overcome speech and language challenges, promote effective communication, boost confidence, and enhance communication skills for improved speech, language, and social interaction.


Nurturing growth and well-being. Our compassionate counselors provide a safe space for personal exploration, guidance, and support, helping individuals navigate life's challenges and find inner strength.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do Sensory Differences Look Like?

The sensory modulation difficulties faced by children with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) range greatly in degree, type, and response. For example, your child may not respond to loud noises but may be entirely intolerant to teeth brushing. They can wash their hair once a week but only in a still bath but never a shower. Some children have visual, touch, food, sound, balance, and movement issues, and some have none. A trigger to one of these may cause a full tantrum while other children can breathe and move on.

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