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Parents with children demonstrating challenging behavior may consider ABA therapy. ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) therapy enhances the lives of children who are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and helps families to empower themselves every step of the way.

Empower Therapy provides ABA therapy in Hutto and neighborhood areas for children with neurodivergent abilities. Our proven evidence-based treatment methods are found to enhance children's life quality and strengthen their skills and help them lead an independent life.

Communication/ Social Skills/ Play Skills and Independence

ABA therapy for special needs children and young adults with ASD and related diagnosis is available in Hutto.

Any child can soar to their peak potential with Empower Therapy's ABA therapy, Speech therapy and Occupational therapy services.

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Hutto ABA Therapy

ABA Therapy, Hutto | Positive Reinforcement

Empower Therapy offers ABA therapy and services to individuals irrespective of age. ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) therapy focuses on developing new skills and meeting the child's goals in education, behavior, and social skills.

ABA Therapy - Personalized Application of Behavior-Analytic Principles:

Our BCBA follows a full-time agenda for children with neurodivergent abilities for early intervention treatments of 30 to 40 hours therapy per week.

Our therapy program aims at developing social skills, language skills, fine and gross motor skills, and academics. We involve the families who are a part of the program for a higher success rate.

Hutto ABA Therapy Services

What are the Benefits of ABA therapy:

ABA Therapy Plan:

Our ABA therapy plans include initial assessment, therapy time and caregiver training. All the ABA therapy plans are tailored to individual needs.


In this first step, the therapist meets the child or individual and questions the parent or caregiver about the child’s strengths, weaknesses, and needs. Based on the information collected, our ABA therapist will develop a plan.

Therapy Time:

Every therapy session is created based on the individuals' goals and needs. Sometimes the session can be as short as one hour or may last several hours.

Caregiver Training:

Empower therapy helps parents and caregivers with the tips necessary to adjust with the children on behavior and social skill development.

Our Hutto ABA Therapy Services

ABA Therapy Services:

Our services include:

  • Early Start Denver Model
  • Comprehensive ABA therapy
  • Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention
  • Natural Environment Training
  • Focused ABA therapy

Benefits of ABA Therapy:

Children with a neurodivergent brain can benefit from ABA therapy by

  • Improving emotional connections with others.
  • Improving focus and attention.
  • Enhancing memory and cognitive skills.
  • Managing anxiety and aggression efficiently.
  • Improving communication and language skills.

Effective ABA Therapy at Empower Therapy in Hutto, TX

Empower Therapy is the leading ABA therapy center in Hutto, TX. We have a team of BCBA specialists and experts to enhance the behavioral pattern of children with neurodivergent abilities. Contact us for your free Appointment today.

Our ABA therapy at Hutto center utilizes the golden standard therapy methods like natural therapy, environment, and learning basic life skills to simulate the developmental behavior of children with neurodivergent abilities.

ABA Therapy Hutto

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Occupational Therapy

Empowering lives through meaningful engagement. Our skilled therapists guide individuals to overcome challenges, enhance independence, and achieve their fullest potential in daily activities.

Speech Therapy

Expert guidance to overcome speech and language challenges, promote effective communication, boost confidence, and enhance communication skills for improved speech, language, and social interaction.


Nurturing growth and well-being. Our compassionate counselors provide a safe space for personal exploration, guidance, and support, helping individuals navigate life's challenges and find inner strength.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ABA Therapy, and How Does it Benefit Individuals in Hutto?

ABA therapy, or Applied Behavior Analysis therapy, is a scientifically validated approach to understanding and changing behavior. It is commonly used to help individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) but can also be beneficial for individuals with other developmental or behavioral challenges. In Hutto, ABA therapy helps individuals by teaching them new skills, reducing challenging behaviors, and promoting independence and socialization.

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