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Empower offers ASD diagnosis for early detection and intervention of Autism. As we all know, the first few years of a child's age is the most receptive and essential period. Utilizing this period is crucial for children on the spectrum to avoid harmful behavior and develop necessary skills.

Early intervention

Research shows that the most effective intervention for Autism happens during the 0-3 age range. This time is when our mind starts to learn and develop social pathways. Children at this age are highly receptive to learning and new information.

Empower tries to capitalize on this crucial period by providing targeted intervention. The focus will be on communication, developing social skills and learning. We try to minimize the impact of harmful behavior.

Early Detection - ASD Diagnosis

Early detection is the first step to intervention. Here are some of the symptoms to show your child may be at risk for an Autism Spectrum disorder.

1) Not showing expressions like smiles after six months
2) No back-and-forth interaction through sounds and facial expressions by nine months
3) No babbling or initial form of communication in 12 months
4) No back-and-forth gestures like pointing, waving, reaching out to objects and people
by 12 months
5) No words and speaking attempts by 16 months
6) No meaningful sentences and two-word phrases or repeating by 24 months
7) Loss of communication, speech, social skills at any age
ASD Diagnosis