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Adult Mental Health Services – Gaining Healthy Patterns of Living

The caring staff of Empower Therapy is here to help with a safe and supportive environment for individuals and families to discuss their innermost conflicts, concerns, and feelings.


Empower Therapy Counseling Center – Helping you build healing pathways

Life's events are unpredictable; some may be cherished, and some may build up to the point that they become unmanageable. That leads to difficulties such as anxiety, fear, depression, grief, loss and even lack of confidence. Don’t let these barriers of the mind that control you.

We can help! Our mental health services foster a deeper understanding of your previous experiences that influence your world. It also determines the path to overcome your difficulties through therapy and counseling to find balance and contentment.

Therapy & Counseling for Adults

A mental health issue is anything that interferes with your thoughts, emotions, or mood. Mental health issues are more frequent than you might believe, with one in five Americans affected by depression, including despair and anxiety.

The good news is many mental health conditions, are temporary. All you need is a positive person who can understand you and a few counseling sessions. Empower Therapy offers help for a broad range of issues with your comfort and confidentiality in mind.


Different Kinds of Counseling for Adults – To Nurture Positive Change

The adult mental health services at Empower Therapy are not only confined to 1-on-1 sessions. We believe that family members are a valuable resource in healing. As such, Empower is equipped to provide family therapy in a safe and comfortable environment. Group counseling gives the patient assurance that they are not isolated. It's comforting to know that other people are experiencing the same challenges

Our adult counseling services include Couples Therapy to address relationship and marital problems, where both partners need to understand the issues they face and how to resolve them. The adult mental health services at Empower Therapy carefully match you with the best therapist and counselor for your specific goals and needs to help you feel better and reduce stress to enjoy a more fulfilled life.

Custom Counseling & Therapy

In the past, children or adults were diagnosed on the autism spectrum , ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) or other specific conditions, and their characteristics were described using deficit-based language. Now, the concept of neurodiversity suggests that all brains are different, and to be celebrated. We know this to be true & we celebrate you with you!

If you have a recognized diversity, let our licensed counselors help you explore paths to healthy and happy living for you. Have your own space at our therapy center to express yourself freely with our certified therapist. Feel the weight of your concerns being lifted.

Adult Counseling Services Care

At Empower Therapy, our client deserves care that supports personal health and well-being. That's why our mental health services address multiple issues and take a holistic approach to mental health and wellness. Some of the most common concerns are listed below

Anger & Stress Management

Our Anger & Stress Management Therapy provides a clear set of guidelines and a controlled platform for releasing emotions and aims to achieve constructive responses, rather than destructive ones. Meditation, impulse control, and relaxation strategies are some ways by which we aim to help people healthily express anger and frustration.

Anxiety & Depression

Our adult counseling services don’t focus only on medication or psychotherapy alone to relieve the anxiety and depression of our clients. We offer a variety of modalities to convert negative thoughts into positive emotions.

Marital Problems

At Empower Therapy, we help to understand both partners' perspectives and the cause of the issues or concerns by bringing them together to solve the issues through effective counseling for adults. Contact our adult counseling services to schedule a consultation.

How Our Counselors Support You

Comprehensive Support & Care

Empower Therapy Counseling Centers are conveniently located in Texas, and are set up for both in person or virtual appointments with extended hours to accommodate your busy schedule. We also accept all major insurance for counseling services as well as offering affordable private pay rates as needed.

Collaborative Care

Empower Therapy takes a comprehensive approach along with adult mental health services that connect your therapist and medical team to ensure your mental health and physical health are considered.

Individual Counseling

By providing Individual Counseling to our clients, we help them better understand what they need to find happiness and empower them to overcome obstacles. To make our clients feel comfortable, we provide a comfortable and casual environment for counselling for adults and adolescents. Applicable Federal Guidelines and rules are observed.

Areas of Focus

Our mental health and wellness services focus on






Relationship Issues


Role and Identity Struggles


Chronic Health Concerns


Coping Skills


Trauma and Grief


Lack of Motivation


Daily struggles/concerns


Academic Motivation


Self-Harm and Suicidal Ideation


Drug Addiction


A variety of Personality Disorders

Understand Your Own Thoughts & Feelings To Respond Better


Any information disclosed to Counselors is treated as confidential. Any information their supervisor receives is also confidential, and we do not disclose client details to any third party. However, should Counselors feel that a client is a danger to themselves or others, they reserve the right to inform outside agencies. Still, they would not do so without, whenever possible, informing the client first. Please also note that under the Children Act 1989, Counselors must report any child protection concerns to Social Services.

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