Why is an earlier diagnosis better for ASD?

Why is an earlier diagnosis better for ASD?

Diagnosing and starting early treatment can make a massive difference for Autism Spectrum Disorders. Noticing symptoms at the beginning stage can prevent harmful behaviors and habits. 

ASD effects almost 1 in 5 children in some parts of the world. Even though there are arguments about what may cause the disorder, one specific cause has not been identified. It is essential to diagnose the condition as early as possible to ensure you child receives the care and support needed for ASD.  

Earlier diagnosis is best for ASD as it allows for earlier intervention, which offers significant improvement in cognition, language, and adaptive behavior. Evidence from multiple research pieces suggest that “early diagnosis and intervention” improves daily living and skills and social interaction. It is imperative that diagnosis and treatment occur as early as possible to get maximum improvement in quality of life for children with ASD. This also decreases parent stress and prepares the family for upcoming challenges. 

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