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Therapeutic services.

Empower Therapy is a place where we take care of individuals with different needs and abilities through offering a range of services. We have professionals who work as team to give the best care that enables people achieve their goals and thrive in life. The subsequent sections explore some of our therapeutic services such as Occupational Therapy, Behavior and Educational Plan Development among others that can be beneficial to all individuals regardless of age.

Therapeutic Services: Occupational Therapy

Children diagnosed with Spectrum disorders often need support from occupational therapists in order to improve their attention span, stamina, and response to stimuli. These programs concentrate on motor skills development such as posture, balance, object manipulation among others but also assist in developing essential daily living skills like toilet training, cleaning, dressing, grooming etc. Individual therapy sessions are conducted by our OTs where they work together with children on specific goals for them to succeed or become independent in their day-to-day tasks.

Therapeutic Services: Behavior and Educational Plan Development

Empower Therapy provides each child a Behavior/educational management plan made by Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs). Our plans target various areas including language development; functional communication training; cognitive function as well as executive function; social skill development; activities of daily living etc depending on the particular needs of every child. The curricula designed around applied behavior analysis include techniques such as reinforcement, shaping, chaining etc., based on principles adopted from this field which are used to help the children learn effectively. Either through discrete trial or natural environment teaching methods we strive at providing effective interventions meaningful enough in promoting each child’s growth.

Therapeutic Services: Collaborative Approach

At Empower Therapy, a collaborative approach is taken with regard to treatment because we believe that working alongside families/caregivers/the other pros will lead into better results for those we serve. Our team members also consult closely with external professionals so that whatever treatment plans are developed can be holistic enough to cater for the diverse needs of each individual. If there is open communication and collaboration, we can offer a comprehensive package that would address all elements of our clients’ well-being.

Concluding Thoughts

We aim to empower individuals through our therapeutic programs at Empower Therapy so that they can achieve the most out of their lives. We are committed towards developing tailored treatment plans for different people be it through Occupational Therapy or Behavior and Educational Plan Development which will make sure that everyone’s specific requirements are targeted in their proper time. If you would like to learn more about how our therapy services may help you or someone close to you, kindly contact us today. Let us work together as we strive to build better futures for ourselves unlocking new possibilities.