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Autism spectrum speech therapy.

Welcome to Empower Therapy, where we focus on providing caring and successful therapy services for children with autism. Our Autism Spectrum Speech Therapy program is designed to help children improve their communication skills, social interactions and general life quality. This way, we seek to realize full potential of every child we work with through evidence-based interventions, personalized treatment plans and a team of dedicated professionals.

Autism Spectrum Speech Therapy: Expert Speech-Language Pathologists at Empower Therapy

Empower Therapy has a well-versed team of expert speech-language pathologists that comprise the Autism Spectrum Speech Therapy program (ASST). These SLPs are trained and experienced in working with autistic children as opposed to the non SLPs. They play an important role in helping kids overcome their difficulties with communicating by supporting them during their voice development stages.

Autism Spectrum Speech Therapy: Comprehensive Assessment and Treatment

The first step towards effective Autism Spectrum Speech Therapy at our center is a comprehensive assessment undertaken by our highly skilled speech-language pathologists. During this assessment process, we consider different aspects such as speech, language, and communication all geared towards the needs of each child. The findings from these assessments which include both standardized tests and informal measures guide the development of individualized treatment programs aimed at targeting specific areas of difficulty for that child so as to create progress along those lines. They include evidence-based techniques and strategies aiming at production or comprehension of spoken words and sentences or even having conversations with other people.

Autism Spectrum Speech Therapy: Targeted Intervention Strategies

Empower Therapy has various targeted intervention strategies that it employs under its Autism Spectrum Speech Therapy program to assist its clients in developing their communication abilities. These may involve the use of:

  1. Augmentative & Alternative Communication (AAC) – In situations where verbal output is limited, AAC systems such as picture exchanges, communication boards or speech generating devices may be introduced to enhance communication

2. Social Communication Interventions – Our therapy sessions also include social communication interventions aimed at teaching children some basic social skills such as turn-taking, initiating and maintaining conversations, recognizing non-verbal cues and understanding social situations.

    3. Verbal Behavior Therapy – Verbal behavior therapy (VBT) is integrated into our programs with an aim of improving the language and communication skills using positive reinforcement and systematic instruction which is part of a subfield of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) known as VBT.

    4. Parent Training and Support – Empower Therapy also offers parent training services to empower parents to provide their kids with the requisite help in the areas of communication development in homes or other natural settings.

    Collaborative Approach and Family Involvement:

    Empower Therapy believes that family involvement is key in autism spectrum speech therapy so they have adopted a collaborative approach towards treatment hence involving families actively during their child’s course of treatment. We acknowledge parents’ critical role in fostering their children’s speech development. As such, we continue providing education, advice, and support for families encountering difficulties when it comes to autism spectrum speech therapy. By working together as a team, we can maximize the effectiveness of therapy and promote positive outcomes for children on the autism spectrum.

    Final Thoughts

    Our Autism Spectrum Speech Therapy program at Empower Therapy is designed to enable children with autism spectrum communicate effectively, foster meaningful relationships and flourish in every aspect of their lives. We have a team of experts who are speech pathologists, evidence-based interventions and family centered approach to support families raising individuals living with Autism Spectrum Disorder. If you seek empathetic and inclusive autism speech therapy for your child, contact us! Our partnership will see your kid’s potential unlocked; where he or she can reach the pinnacle of communication success.